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Month of Associate Cricket

Month of Associate Cricket means, Here we will talk about recent Series & Tournaments.

Emerging cricket, though often overshadowed by the popularity of major cricketing nations, has its own charm and excitement. It provides a platform for teams from emerging cricketing nations to showcase their skills and compete against each other. Associate Cricket, we celebrate the spirit of cricket in these nations and explore the recent series and tournaments that have taken place.

Associate Cricket reminds us of the incredible potential and talent that exists beyond the traditional cricketing powerhouse nations. It sheds light on the passion, dedication, and hard work put in by players and officials from these associate nations to make cricket a truly global sport. So let's celebrate the achievements of these teams and look forward to more exciting cricketing action from the world of Emerging cricket!

Series Details

Men’s South American Cricket Championship 2023

The 8 participating teams are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Panama & Uruguay.

Men's South American Cricket Championship

Nepal Tri-Nation (T20I) 2023

Teams - Nepal, UAE, Hong Kong

Nepal Tri-Nation

Zimbabwe tour of Namibia 2023

Teams - Zimbabwe , Namibia

Namibia vs Zimbabwe

All Tournament is with ICC Ranking Points.

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